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Living Energy Journey to Peru
May 12 to 23, 2025 | Registration Form

Pomacanche Lake
Ausangate and Paqarina

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Munay Kay – Remembering The Love That You Are – Costa Rica
February 02 to 08, 2025 | Registration Form

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Landscape 8
Aerial view of the garden at Inti Wasi with Ocean View

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Living Energy Journey to Peru October 2024 Registration Form

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T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur

T’ito Q’osnipa Kuntur is a descendent of one of the oldest lineages know as the Solar Inkas. He is the Founder of the School of the Solar Inka and the founder of Yachay Wasi Inka, Tawantinsuyu. He is an expert and has an endless amount of knowledge in regard to the Inkan culture and Andean spirituality. He has taught internationally and finds great joy in teaching all that come with curiosity and an open heart.

Dora Fronek

Dora Fronek is the President and founder of Sacred Wisdom Discovery, a Peruvian foundation dedicated to the preservation of ancestral traditions, culture, and ceremonies. While previously having had an established practice, Dora answered Spirit’s call to move to Peru to apprentice directly with the Andean Masters of the Musuq Tawantinsuyu and through her dedication to the spiritual path, she is a bridge in working directly with the Andean Masters.

Dora has a life-long career in the healing arts, natural herbal medicine, education, eco-spirituality, and has a passion for Nature. She has a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a former Program Director and Instructor of Therapeutic Massage, has facilitated countless workshops, private and public retreats and maintains a clinical practice. She is a trained ceremonial sweatlodge leader, a pipe carrier, vision quest facilitator, translator and writer.

Tupaq Ttito Kuntur

Tupaq with rattle
Tupaq (Adolfo) Ttito Kuntur was born in Poma Canchi, Peru, a small agrarian village surrounded by mountains and lagoons at 12,000 ft. He is the oldest of 6 children born to parents from a lineage of Inkas and medicine people. His journey in the Andean medicine ways began as a child under the guidance of his grandfather and parents who worked with plant medicines as Pampamisayoqs.

Tupaq experienced many of the classic initiations for becoming a medicine person. He has been struck by lightning twice (as a child and an adult). During adolescence he momentarily died from disease but was resuscitated by the Apus (mountain spirits). At age 16 Tupaq lost his father, and in addition to taking over helping his mother raise his siblings, the spirits of the mountains began their teachings to Tupaq directly.

After years of personal tests and training the Apus gave him the power of an Altomisayoq. With the guidance of their knowledge and practices Tupaq’s gifts come from a pure communion with the Apus for over 20 years. He has now begun to teach the cosmology he learned from the Apus and Pachamamas of sacred places in the land.

Victor Chura Quispe

Victor Chura Quispe was born in the Q’ero Community, which is located in the high altitudes of the Andean Mountains southeast of Cusco, Peru. He was traditionally initiated on his spiritual path at a young age by being struck by lightning while pastoring the family herds in the mountains. Don Victor was raised in the traditional ways by his grandfather and grandmother, with whom he lived and began his early teachings in healing and ceremonies as a Paqo. When he was young, Don Victor’s grandfather would tell him he was destined to be a great Paqo and that with his faith and trust in the Apus and Pachamama, he would always be guided in his spiritual path. This profound faith and trust are evident when working with Victor.

Don Victor also trained extensively with his grandmother, a very well-known healer who was consulted and widely sought for women’s health, pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. Don Victor trained and explored alongside many great Masters, including Tupac Adolfo Ttito Condori whom he studied with for many years while deeply developing his divination and observation skills. He eventually met his dear wife, Celia Samata Apaza, also from the Q’ero nation and from a family of great healers who are still influential to him including his father-in-law, Don Marcelino Samata, a Pampamasoyoq, and Doña María Apaza, his wife’s grandmother, the great Altomesayoq.

Don Victor Chura Quispe is known for the joy and humility he brings to his work, and it is with pride and sincerity that he inspires his students to be an example to follow on this sacred wisdom path. As a Pampamesayoq, he is a teacher and ceremonial master for initiation and healing on multiple levels. Victor is available for personal or group consultations on spiritual direction and ceremonies.