Your Sanctuary to Host and Attend Spiritual Retreats and Immersive Personal Growth Experiences

Inti Wasi is your catalyst for transformation and healing

Ceremonial Fire Space

Sacred space promoting transformation

Whether you are a group organizer or participant, you’ll enjoy Inti Wasi’s sacred space which is cultivated to promote spiritual transformation, personal growth and healing. We’ve placed careful attention to details which promote expansion:

  • Nature immersion
  • Garden and flowers for contemplation
  • Fresh local ingredients
  • Delicious healthy food
  • Ceremonial fireplace designed with Andean sacred geometry
  • Spacious vibrant ceremony and teaching room
  • Art, paintings and murals
  • Regular offerings on the land
  • Located on a crystal energy vortex
  • Curation of our hosts and guests
  • Attentive staff to leave your mind worry-free

Spiritually guided founders

Teri and Pol have founded Inti Wasi to give back to the world by creating a place that helps bring meaning to the lives of those that travel its grounds. This husband and wife duo lead their lives guided by Spirit and embrace spirituality from all walks of life.

Pol and Teri holding each other

Teri Nehring

Teri has been practicing Andean and Inkan spirituality for more than 15 years. She travels to Peru on personal spiritual pilgrimages several times per year while working with authentic wisdom keepers. She has worked as a mental health therapist for over 30 years and has a decade of experience working with Native Americans to help them heal.

Teri taps into her rich experience, which includes Reiki, Brainspotting, and Therapeutic Breathwork, to curate the energy at Inti Wasi and provide valuable insights to hosts organizing their retreats.

Pol Cousineau

Pol’s primary practices are meditation and mindfulness. He traveled to Peru in 2012 to transform his perspective on life and heal deep rooted pain. Through his healing journey he worked extensively with Peruvian Ayahuasquero Jairo Llerena Valles, son of the most famous Ayahuasquero Don Julio Llerena Pinedo.

A seeker at heart, he has practiced several types of yoga, sound healing, mantras, Himalayan spirituality, meditation, and participated in over a hundred medicinal plant ceremonies. He’s interviewed several dozen spiritual teachers through his top ranked spiritual podcast The Spiritual Voice. He brings a refreshing openness while leaving judgment at the door through the concept of “Embracing spirituality from all walks of life.”

Magical sacred space to host your next retreat

Sunset View

Ideal retreat space

The space where you host your retreat is the factor with the biggest impact on the transformation your participants will experience.

This is why yoga studios, meditation halls, temples, churches, sacred grounds and wellness centers put so much attention to the setting and physical space.

A disruptive environment will make meditation practically impossible to learn for a beginner while an enchanted garden will instill a sense of inner joy which facilitates it.

Everything at Inti Wasi has been curated to provide you with an optimal setting to enable personal and spiritual transformation.

Energy vortex connected with two mountain spirits

Garden view behind the house

Energetic vortex

Our land is above a substantial crystalline foundation with a high level of electric conductivity. In the first year at Inti Wasi the internet company had to change the routers one or more times per week due to electric burnout.

At first we thought this was due to the internet antenna being struck by lightning but it was later confirmed that the soil conducts a high level of electricity. The underground cables connected to the internet router were receiving electric charges from the soil which was burning out the equipment!

We’ve solved this issue but it led us to further investigate our land. Several of the Andean wisdom keepers have confirmed that Inti Wasi is located above underground crystals in the mountain. The location is a beacon of energy which doesn’t extend to nearby land and our neighbors.

We’ve made numerous land offerings to connect with the spirits of the earth and mountains. Our guests have reported magical experiences while at Inti Wasi.

Garden view behind the house

Two mountain spirits

In Andean cosmology, each mountain has a dominant spirit living in it which is called an Apu. Through ceremony we’ve connected with the local Apus which have shared their ancestral names with us. These spirits act as our allies and guardians of the land.

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