Cleanse Your System of Toxins for Vibrant Health

Detox with Sapo and NuNu sustainably harvested in Peruvian tribal land from which these substances originated

Registration: $75 registration fee includes either one or both of Sapo and NuNu.

Time: Plan 3 hours to have sufficient time to relax, meditate and allow your body to integrate the experience.

Date: Contact us for the next detox date.

Eliminate toxins to purify your system with authentic high-quality Sapo and NuNu

The Cleanse

Your cleanse includes two substances: Sapo and NuNu. You may take only one or both of these. The immediate effects last between 15 to 30 minutes for Sapo and 5 to 10 minutes for NuNu while the benefits are ongoing.


Sapo, also known as Kambo, is known to clear toxins from the lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, glands and to strengthen the immune system. Sapo is the name given by the Matsé tribe of Peru to the secretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog. They also refer to the frog as sapo.

Sapo has been commercialized under the name of Kambo, which is typically harvested in Brazil with unsustainable practices. The strength of the Peruvian Sapo which we administer is much more potent than the diluted mass market version.


The quality of the Sapo is influenced by (1) the diet of the frog, (2) the environment of the frog, and (3) the number of extractions from the frog.

Our sapo comes from wild frogs that have a rich diet and environment. The Matsé go on a canoe at night during or after a rainfall at which time the frogs sing. They climb in trees, breaking the branch on which the sapo sits, and bring them back into the canoe where they do not try to escape. They are brought in a cage to relax overnight.

In the morning, the sapo is tied with blades of grass without hurting the animal. The frog is gently poked with a stick which will induce it to release its sweat. The sweat is left to dry on another piece of wood which is liquified at the time of administration. The frog is released into the wild after a few hours so that it may rebuild its defense system.

Each sapo has its sweat extracted only once in its lifetime as opposed to mass market Kambo which generally holds the frogs captive to be repeatedly extracted for the duration of its life.

The single extraction philosophy originates from the respectful partnership that the Matsé tribal people have with the Sapo. The grass used to tie the frog leaves faint marks on its feet. If a Matsé collects a wild frog which has these marks, they will immediately release it out of respect.

We collect the Sapo in collaboration with the natives of the Peruvian Tributary where it was first discovered by Westerners. The now deceased journalist Peter Gorman documented the first use of Sapo, NuNu and Ayahuasca (yes that’s right!) at this exact location. Today we continue to work with the same people, including Jairo the Ayahuasquero of Inti Wasi, who is the son of Julio, a famous Peruvian Ayahuasquero that first introduced Ayahuasca to the West.


NuNu, is a snuff made with the inner bark of the cacao tree and tobacco according to the recipe of the Matsé. NuNu clears the sinuses, respiratory system and eyes. A mass commercialized version is sold under the name Rapé which often includes a much higher concentration of tobacco, may not contain the inner bark of the cacao tree, and is prepared with blends of various substances.

The quality of Rapé is unknown and the effects of the blends are novel and uncertain. Similar to Sapo, NuNu was introduced to the West through Peter Gorman and we continue to work with the same people to produce the NuNu we administer.


For more information you are invited to read Peter Gorman’s book Sapo in My Soul: The Matsés Frog Medicine which you can find on Amazon.


Your $75 registration fee includes either one or both of Sapo and NuNu. We will administer these in the beautiful lush grounds of Inti Wasi located on the mountain Maderal. Inti Wasi sits on grounds composed of quartz with powerful energetic conducts.

Plan 3 hours to have sufficient time to relax, meditate and allow your body to integrate the experience.

Contact us through WhatsApp +1 775-525-1285 (include the area code) to reserve your space.