Costa Rican Spiritual Ayahuasca Retreat

Initiate an expansive life shift through 4 ayahuasca ceremonies led by an authentic Peruvian Curandero in a paradisic jungle mountain sanctuary

Next Retreat: January 8 to 15, 2024

Jairo Lllerena Valles, Peruvian Ayahuasquero

Video includes an English translation by Dora Fronek
Jairo Blowing Smoke in Medicine
Jairo blowing smoke in medicine

Jairo has learned to prepare the medicine and lead Ayahuasca ceremonies from his father Don Julio Llerena Pinedo. Don Julio was world renowned and the first indigenous person to introduce this work and medicine to westerners in the 1960’s through the journalist Peter Gorman.

Jairo is well accustomed to working with Westerners. His father who served Westerners and locals over 40 years, taught Jairo how to prepare Ayahuasca and heal through Iquaros (energetic medicine songs).

Inti Wasi co-founders Pol and Teri have been working with Jairo since 2012. They have both experienced and witness incredible life transformations through Jairo’s heart-centered work.

Jario with Chakapa
Jairo with leaf chakapa

Feel at peace within our natural sanctuary in the scenic Costa Rican jungle mountains overlooking the Pacific

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Airport Convenience

Less than 60 minutes from San Jose Airport (SJO)
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Mouth Watering Food

Enjoy an exquisite haute cuisine following the Ayahuasca diet and your unique dietary requirements
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Spacious Maloca

Enter sacred space through Ayahuasca ceremonies in our spacious octagonal maloca

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Sacred Fire Altar Space

Participate in an optional sacred fire and offering ceremony in our altar space aligned with the four directions

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Natural Haven

Rejuvenate in a natural tropical setting home to many hummingbirds, butterflies, birds, monkeys, iguanas, toucans, vultures and hawks
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Flower Garden

Enjoy the scenery of our enchanted garden to reflect in your inner beauty
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Sweet Dreams

Sleep comfortably on a high quality mattress with air conditioning and ceiling fans
National Park

Million Dollar View

Be captivated by the mountain view of the Nicoya Gulf, Pacific Ocean, the Central Valley, and the mountain Potenciana
Monkey Facing Front
Resident white faced monkey

View the Photo Gallery of Inti Wasi!

Delight yourself with photos of our magical haven and envision yourself surrounded by the energy of Inti Wasi!

Express Yourself Fully within Sacred Space

Group size is limited to 10 participants to ensure a safe loving containerand daily 1-on-1 consultations with Master Ayahuasquero Jairo Llerena Valles

Villa Inti Wasi Entrance
Front entrance

Your expansion journey at Inti Wasi includes;

  1. 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  2. 1 Kambo (Sapo) cleanse
  3. 1 Visit to the gold mine and water pools
  4. 1 day trip to a beautiful beach on the Pacific Ocean
  5. 2 Massages or acupunture treatments
  6. Opportunities for breathwork and fire ceremony
  7. Celebration dinner and gourmet food that is prepared with specifications for the dieta
  8. Daily privae 1-on-1 consultations with Ayahuasquero Jairo Llerena Valles (translator available)
Villa Inti Wasi Pool
Pool area
Path Back House
Pathway in back of Inti Wasi

You will love the intimate and cozy feeling of Villa Inti Wasi as you sleep in masterfully hand-carved beds crafted by a local family of intergenerational artisans.

  1. Luxury bedding
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Gourmet meals and coffees
  4. 2 Rainforest massages or acupuncture
  5. Tropical pool access
  6. Hanging swing chairs from the decks
  7. Pacific Ocean view
  8. Sunset contemplation
  9. Direct access to our Ayahuasquero for daily private consultations

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Enjoy a slice paradise as you birth a new chapter of your life.

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