Your Ayahuasca Retreat Experience at Inti Wasi

What will you experience during your Ayahuasca retreat at Inti Wasi? What will your days and evenings be like? You'll find the answers in this article.

Your journey starts before you get here!

This may not surprise you that your journey starts the moment you say “Yes!”

Many participants have shared with me and my wife Teri how their lives begun to change the day they committed to participating in a ceremony. I’ve experienced something similar when I purchased my first flight for Peru in 2012 to work with the medicine.

It is possible that these internal and external shifts occur as your decision to embark on this journey increases your awareness of changes in your life. A more mystical answer is also plausible…

At this stage I encourage you to notice, take mental notes, check-in with yourself, journal, conversion or any practice you may have to illuminate your life.

Travelling to Costa Rica and arriving at Inti Wasi

Travelling to Costa Rica, and Inti Wasi, is very easy.

Travel restrictions to Costa Rica have been abolished. You won’t need a Covid test, no need to fill out a health pass, and you won’t need proof of vaccination and medical insurance. This means it won’t be any more complicated than traveling in your home country.

You’ll land in the Juan Santamaria international airport in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. If you have a heavy bag, there are porters available in the airport that will help you for a few dollars. We’ll arrange for a driver to pick you up.

The drive from the airport to Inti Wasi is approximately 1 hour. You’ll enjoy views of the mountains and lush valleys.

Our team will be waiting to help you bring your bags to your room. You can grab a snack if you are hungry.

You’ll get a restful night of sleep on your high-quality mattress and may choose to turn on the air conditioning unit or keep the door open to enjoy a breeze.

Waking up for your first day

Catch the sunrise over the mountains as you listen to the birds chirping.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea as you stroll the flower garden. Connect with the butterflies and perhaps a few hummingbirds.

Then join us for an elevated breakfast prepared by our private chef. Our chef is sensitive to all types of diets, so you need not worry. He also follows the guidance of our Ayahuasquero Jairo to ensure everything is done in accordance with the dieta.

During the day Jairo will do a group talk so that you understand the flow of your retreat and the focus of each ceremony. You’ll gain a better understanding of how Ayahuasca works, the type of experiences you may encounter and will get clarity on some popular myths.

Your questions will be answered, and your mind put at ease, so you enter the ceremonial space with confidence. A translator will ensure that you can communicate with Jairo.

Ceremony nights

Plant ceremonies take place in the evenings.

I recommend you enjoy the sunset from the balcony. Gaze over the jungle canopy as the sun meets the ocean. The area is known to have the best sunsets of Costa Rica!
Then take some time to prepare yourself internally. Check-in and reconnect with your intentions for being here.

The ceremonies are held in a designated ceremonial space in the shape of an octagon, so you are facing Jairo no matter where you sit.

You’ll have a comfortable mattress, a bucket and personal space which will remain yours for the duration of the ceremony. The center of the space is held by an altar and the medicine.

Staff (a man and a woman) will be on hand throughout the ceremony to assist you if you need to utilize the rest room, communicate with Jairo or require additional attention. Our guests have complimented the level of care and attentiveness of the staff helping to hold space.

At the end of the ceremony, Jairo will check-in and you’ll have the option of staying in the ceremonial maloca for the night or returning to your room.

Dieta with food to die for!

You’ll be surprised at the rich flavors and variety of food served during your Ayahasca diet. I know that plant medicine dietas are notorious for being bland but this is not the case at Inti Wasi!

Here’s just a few examples of the type of food you’ll enjoy:

  • Fresh fruit and green juices
  • Soups of all varieties
  • Home-made bread and pita
  • Different types of mixed salads
  • Eggs, burritos, omelets, and dairy-free quiches
  • Risotto, sweet potato chips, ratatouille, jasmine and sesame rice
  • Delicious regional fish
  • Fresh catch shrimp
  • Local chicken
  • Celebration 3-course dinner

Remember that we accommodate all types of allergies and dietary restrictions.

Cleanse at the pool and Pacific Ocean beach

Water cleaning is very beneficial for balancing your energy. When consulting with Jairo he may recommend that you go in the water for this purpose.

You can enjoy the tropical pool as you soak in the sun and jungle sounds. You’ll feel energized and centered afterwards.

During a designated day we’ll take you to the Pacific Ocean so you can take in the full glory of the beach. Everyone loves this fun outing! Let yourself have some fun, relaxation, and playtime.

Daily check-in with our Ayahuasquero

Every day you’ll have the opportunity to engage in a private consultation with our Ayahusquero Jairo. Our translator will be available for your one-on-one session, so you don’t have to worry about learning Spanish.

I encourage everyone to do a check-in with Jairo.

Sometimes it may feel as if you have nothing to talk about while at others you may want to “sit with it”. In most Ayahuasca retreats it isn’t possible to have daily private sessions, so I encourage you to take advantage of this! I’m sure it will have a positive impact on your process. The check-in is optional, and we’ll respect your decision either way.

This is a good opportunity to share your intention so that Jairo can focus on this during the ceremony. You can ask questions around doubts, challenges, your experience, or anything else that you wish. Jairo has extensive experience working with the medicine and people from other cultures.

Flow of your retreat

Your retreat is designed to encourage introspection.

Each day you’ll enjoy mouth watering food and our natural tropical setting. You’ll follow the beat of your own drum as you uncover new aspects of yourself.

You can soak in the sun by the pool, contemplate in our flower garden, walk the grounds of our tropical paradise, watch sunrises and sunsets, journal, take an afternoon nap and share with other participants in the group.

Jairo will host several group discussions in addition to your daily private consultations. Our team will be on-hand should you need anything.

You’ll also receive your choice of 2 treatments between a combination of massages and acupuncture!

I’m convinced that you will have a memorable, and transformative, experience at Inti Wasi.

Celebration dinner and departure

On the last evening our chef will not be holding back!

You’ll be served 3 course meal to celebrate. You’ll be impressed by the service… and the desert which is to die for!

On the last morning you’ll grab a bite before our driver takes you back to the airport. Should you choose to stay longer in Costa Rica we can arrange for a rental car to be deposited at the retreat center (please let us know in advance so we can coordinate with the car rental company).

You’ll have long-lasting memories and have opened yourself up to expansion as you commence a new life chapter.

Reserve your spot at our next retreat

If this all sounds wonderful then you’ll want to reach out to reserve your spot at our next retreat. We intentionally limit the group to a very small size to ensure the energy flows well during the ceremony, each person has their proper space to process and that you get individual attention from our Ayahuasquero Jairo.

The retreat fills itself quickly and we host a very limited number every year.

You can fill out this form to apply or email me at with the subject line “Inti Wasi”.

We hope to have the pleasure of hosting you!

~ Pol & Teri


  1. Sounds amazing. I am interested in a journey. What are the costs and dates.

  2. Hello Pol and Teri
    This sounds amazing. Remember me from breathwork training years ago.
    I’m considering…..
    Warmly, Juli


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